With the costs of health insurance seemingly out of reach for so many people today, the thought of acquiring dental insurance on top of it can be a bit overwhelming. However, there are affordable dental insurance and discount options.

Perhaps the simplest option is to just pay cash for your dental services. 

Fortunately, many – if not most – dentists are willing to offer discounts to patients who are able to pay cash as this means not having to bill an insurance company. In addition, many dentists will also offer patients a payment plan or use in-house financing companies that will provide dental loans.

However, not everyone has the ability to pay cash for every dental service required, which means that they need other affordable dental options.


Top Affordable Dental Insurance Option

The best affordable dental insurance by a majority of review and comparison results is Delta Dental.

In their recommendation by Business.com, for example, they had this say about Delta Dental,

“Delta Dental is the best dental insurance company because of its variety of plans, the depth of its coverage and the many convenience features it has. Of special note are that it sets a maximum price you pay for procedures rather than reimbursing a percentage. In addition, some plans partly pay for full mouth X-rays every two years. Although it does not cover every state in the U.S., it has wide coverage and is well worth looking into for dental health care.”

One of the great things about Delta Dental is their extensive reach, which means it is almost certain you’ll be able to easily find a dentist that is part of their network near you. Delta Delta is one of the largest and most financially strong dental insurers and have earned an A rating from A.M. Best and an A+ from Standard and Poor.

And according to a post at The Simple Dollar,

“Impressively, there’s also no deductible and no maximum on this particular plan, which is rare for dental insurance. That means your benefits kick in right away and you won’t be capped on coverage if you end up needing a lot of work in one year. Additionally, it advertises no waiting period for any service, including serious dental work. That gives it a major leg up on the competition, many of whom want you to wait at least 6 months for non-preventive treatments such as fillings.”

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Top Affordable Dental Savings Option

Another option for affordable dental coverage that’s not actually insurance is a dental savings plan. And, probably the best for this is Humana.

But what is a dental savings plan?

Well, the first thing to understand is that it’s not insurance. It is essentially a membership plan that allows you to pay an annual fee up front instead of monthly installments or premiums like traditional dental insurance. As a member, you receive a dental discount card, which you then present at each dentist visit to get the lower prices on services.

Wikipedia describes it this way,

“A dental discount plan, also known as a referral plan, is a membership-based discount plan for dental health maintenance and intervention. In it, the patient pays the entire cost of a rate negotiated between the dentist and the referring company, usually between 10-60% of normal cost.” 

The benefits of dental savings plans include no deductibles, no co-pays, no waiting periods, no paperwork, no annual limit on how often you can use your plan to save at the dentist, and no restrictions on getting immediate treatment for pre-existing or expensive procedures.

And, for California customers, Humana is one of the best and most affordable. 

With a dental insurance plan, your annual cleanings and exams are typically covered at 100 percent while, for any other dental work, you must pay a percentage of the fees out of pocket. These costs are typically between 20 and 50 percent and all services count toward your annual limit or maximum, which typically ranges between $750 to $1,500.

A significant advantage to a discount, or savings, plan is that there’s no limit to the amount of dental care you can receive during the year. While you will have to pay for every discounted service out of pocket, you can use as many services as you like each year.

If you have few dental problems and a relatively healthy mouth, a dental discount plan may save you money compared to having traditional insurance. But if you have ongoing dental issues or a medical condition that affects your teeth or gums, you may do much better with insurance.


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If you are self-employed, or your employer doesn’t provide health or dental benefits, an individual or family plan may be the best option for you or you and your family.

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FAQ Section: Navigating Affordable Dental Insurance

1. What are some alternatives to traditional dental insurance?

    • Exploring alternatives to traditional dental insurance can offer cost-effective options. Consider negotiating prices with dentists for cash payments or exploring dental savings plans, like Humana, which offer discounted services without the constraints of traditional insurance.

2. Why is Delta Dental often recommended as a top affordable dental insurance option?

    • Delta Dental stands out for its variety of plans, comprehensive coverage, and convenient features. With options to set maximum prices for procedures and coverage for full mouth X-rays, Delta Dental ensures affordability and accessibility for many individuals and families seeking dental health care.

3. What are the benefits of a dental savings plan like Humana?

    • Dental savings plans, such as Humana, provide members with discounted dental services without the complexities of traditional insurance. With no deductibles, co-pays, or waiting periods, and no annual limits on usage, these plans offer flexibility and cost savings for individuals seeking affordable dental care.

4. How does a dental savings plan differ from traditional dental insurance?

    • Unlike traditional dental insurance, a dental savings plan operates as a membership-based discount program. Members pay an annual fee upfront and receive discounted rates negotiated between the dentist and the plan provider, typically ranging from 10% to 60% off normal costs.

5. What factors should I consider when choosing between dental insurance and a dental savings plan?

    • When deciding between dental insurance and a savings plan, consider your dental health needs, frequency of visits, and financial preferences. Dental insurance may be suitable for those with ongoing dental issues, while a savings plan may offer greater flexibility and cost savings for individuals with fewer dental needs.

6. How does Humana’s dental savings plan cater to California customers?

    • Humana’s dental savings plan offers affordable options for California residents seeking dental coverage. With no annual limits on usage and discounted rates for a wide range of services, Humana provides a viable alternative to traditional dental insurance for individuals and families in California.

7. What makes dental savings plans advantageous for individuals with few dental problems?

    • Dental savings plans offer unlimited access to discounted dental services, making them beneficial for individuals with minimal dental needs. While traditional insurance may have limitations and waiting periods, a savings plan provides immediate access to discounted care without restrictions on usage.

8. Are there any limitations to dental savings plans compared to traditional insurance?

    • While dental savings plans offer flexibility and cost savings, they may not be suitable for individuals with complex dental issues or extensive treatment needs. Traditional insurance plans may provide more comprehensive coverage for major procedures and ongoing dental care.

9. How can JC Lewis Insurance assist with finding affordable dental insurance options?

    • JC Lewis Insurance offers expert guidance and personalized assistance in selecting affordable dental insurance options. As a family-owned firm with extensive experience in the insurance industry, they provide tailored solutions for individuals, families, and small group employers seeking quality dental coverage.

10. Why should I consider seeking professional help for purchasing dental insurance?

    • Seeking professional assistance from brokers like JC Lewis Insurance can simplify the process of finding affordable dental insurance. With expert guidance and access to leading insurance carriers, brokers can help individuals navigate their options and find the right coverage to meet their dental health needs and budget.