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At J.C Lewis, we’re known for providing comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Arizona Businesses. As an Arizona group health insurance services agent, we are qualified to offer small business owners in the state of Arizona a variety of health insurance options.  Most of our new clients come to us as referrals from current clients and professionals who send their friends, relatives, business associates, and clients because they value our product knowledge, competency, and trust us to take care of those they send. 

We are knowledgeable in every aspect of health insurance agency insurance services and are proud to be able to provide Arizona businesses with health insurance. When it comes to choosing a competent and experienced health insurance agent, Arizona residents need look no further than J.C. Lewis Insurance Services.

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About J.C. Lewis Insurance Services

JC Lewis Insurance | Individual and Business Health Insurance

We are a family-owned and operated business, and we have been helping business owners since 1979. You can rely on our professional experience to help you make an informed choice for insurance protection for your business or personal needs. It is because we understand the needs of employers in Arizona that providing insurance for small businesses is our specialty. And being business owners ourselves who have families, we also understand that health insurance is a critical issue. Having successfully served hundreds of businesses throughout California for the last four decades, we have now expanded our operations and service offerings to business owners throughout the state of Arizona.

Insurance Solutions for Arizona Businesses

With almost 7,500,000 residents, Arizona ranks number 14 among the 50 states in terms of population. And Arizona has more than 550,000 small businesses that employ less than 500 workers. The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that these businesses employ one million workers, representing almost 45 percent of the state’s private workforce.

Arizona also ranks number 4 in the nation for the fastest growing small businesses, according to a 2023 report. The professional, scientific, and technical services sector dominates as the top industry in Arizona. When it comes to the number of local establishments, Arizona has 8,711 small businesses per 100,000 people.


Like almost all other states in the country, smaller companies (those with between 2 and 50 employees) can choose whether to offer health insurance in Arizona. Which means that Arizona small business employees may or may not be offered health insurance through their employer.

3 Best Health Insurance Plans For Small Business Owners
Business Health Insurance Arizona

Arizona Group Health Insurance

Arizona Group Health Insurance is a great way to keep and reward valued employees by providing medical protection for them and their families. J.C. Lewis Insurance Services offers a variety of affordable and flexible options allowing companies to choose portfolios and contribution options suited to their specific needs

We encourage all employers to consider a small group proposal prior to sending employees to the federal health insurance exchange. Employers and employees may be better served under an employer-based policy because every group is different and like many things, it depends.


We assist small business employers, those with between 2 and 50 full-time exempt employees (FTEs) with the initial set-up, annual renewal, and on-going maintenance each company requires and are contracted to sell policies only from the leading carriers licensed to do business in Arizona.

J.C. Lewis Insurance Services: Why We Serve Arizona Businesses

Our move into the Arizona group insurance market is a relatively new one but was predicated on decades of experience and knowledge of the industry. Observing significant potential in the market, we recognized the vast opportunities within Arizona. The state harbors a substantial community of small business owners that, we believe, are potentially underserved.

Identifying a substantial opportunity, we were also confident that we could best meet that need. Our agency specializes in delivering top-notch customer service. We perceived, as well, a considerable gap in support for many small businesses lacking the necessary resources.

Because we have a top notch in-house administrative team, we knew that J.C. Lewis would be a great fit.  And it is this understanding that motivated our decision to pursue this opportunity, with the clear aim of catering to these unmet needs.

Another facet of the group insurance market in Arizona that we became aware of is that small business owners in particular were being underserved. While the mid-market and enterprise-level businesses in the state seemed to have no shortage of willing brokers and agents to choose from, those with smaller companies and fewer employees are often left wanting.

Why We Serve Arizona Businesses
Are You Looking to the Marketplace for Health Insurance? J.C. Lewis Insurance Can Help!

What Sets J.C. Lewis Apart

Small business owners, especially those with less than 50 employees, for example, are often without their own HR resources. One of the most significant aspects of our service model is how we “fill in the gap” for our clients. 

We manage our own administrative team, for example, handling various crucial tasks including the processing of new hires, managing health care enrollments and waivers, as well as conducting terminations and related tasks. Our support extends to assisting with Section 125 matters and pre-tax liability concerns.

Additionally, we’ve developed an online customer management platform dedicated to facilitating open enrollments for our clients. Throughout the year, we engage with our clients, typically for about a month during open enrollment, ensuring comprehensive service for their employees. This involves guiding them through the review process, allowing for changes such as adding dependents, altering plans, or seeking necessary information from both the broker and our administrative team.

An Arizona Business Client Success Story

A recent client based in Arizona initially had a fully funded policy, specifically ACA compliant plans, subject to a three percent higher premium due to mandated benefits and taxes. Upon analysis by J.C. Lewis, their group coverage was transitioned to a balanced funded policy, partly insured by the group itself, with added stop-loss insurance to mitigate significant claims.

These balanced funded policies, though underwritten, factor in the group’s health by assessing certain GRX codes drawn from a database, providing insights into the organization’s health status.

After offering them this balanced funded contract, less than 12 months into the plan, their surplus account exceeded $20,000. Having anticipated a surplus of $15,000 to $20,000 at the end of the 15-month period reflects the remarkable success achieved.

In addition, their premiums lowered significantly to about seven to eight percent compared to the previous year, and they’re likely to receive a substantial refund of approximately $15,000 in cash at the end of their policy period.

It’s truly a win-win situation.

Arizona Business Owners

Making Life Easier for Arizona Business Owners

At J.C. Lewis, we’re confident that we’re an excellent match for many Arizona employers.

We recently brought on a new client, and during a recent meeting, she expressed utmost satisfaction with our services. Her glowing feedback was, ‘I’m thrilled to have found you. I knew the right expertise was out there.’ Our tailored skill set perfectly aligns with managing her company, which comprises around 30 employees.

We established comprehensive medical insurance using two different carriers, alongside dental and vision coverage. Additionally, we’ve implemented health savings accounts, employer-sponsored flexible spending accounts, dependent care FSA, and recently added a limited-purpose FSA, providing a total of health coverage eight benefits for their employees.

We firmly believe we’re an ideal match for small business owners with 15 to 30 employees who recognize the importance of comprehensive coverage administration.

Our expertise lies in facilitating flexible spending accounts and offering a personalized approach to managing portfolios, allowing business owners to collaborate closely with their broker while they also maintain a hands-on involvement in the process.

Helping Make Health Coverage Management Easier with Ease®

One of the many ways J.C. Lewis works to make group health coverage simpler for Arizona businesses is with the Ease platform. As the company’s website explains it, “Ease is the #1 rated benefits administration and HR software for SMBs, serving more than 2,000 agencies and over 75,000 businesses that manage benefits and HR for their 3.4 million+ employees.”

J.C. Lewis has partnered with Ease® to facilitate all of our client enrollments. We meet with business owners prior to their renewal, we talk about changes and answer questions, and then we customize each portal to that company’s needs with messaging and related elements, while facilitating all their changes.

Everything is done online and it’s all digital. Utilizing Ease® is good for us, but it’s great for our clients. They send us their new hire information and then they “forget about it”, knowing that everything will be processed quickly and seamlessly. Once it is done, we send them a confirmation with a payroll report after the employee is enrolled and set up in the platform. In other words, this becomes a major set of tasks that our clients are freed from. 

In addition, all of our clients have their own customized portals that we manage for them and keep updated every year with the new plans and new contracts that we have already decided upon in our client intake and renewal meetings.

J.C. Lewis Insurance When You Need Health Insurance Advice and Guidance

JC Lewis Insurance ServicesOur Mission

At J.C. Lewis Insurance Services, the health and wellbeing of our clients and employees is of the utmost importance. As a growing family owned and operated business, we service small businesses with the level of care and efficiency that we expect for ourselves.

Having been in the health care industry since 1979, we’ve grown and creatively adapted our service model several times over the years to best suit our client’s needs. Our longevity has allowed us to build strong relationships with a network of professionals in the industry. This, in turn, enables us to provide our clients with specialized and educated guidance. We strive to help our customers maximize their health care dollars to best fit their business and particular health care needs.

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