One of the goals of most Americans is to secure affordable health insurance that provides sufficient coverage. And this is often a challenge.

California health insurance, as well as health insurance coverage in other states, is subject to the provisions of the ACA, or Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act requires non-grandfathered health plans in the individual and small group markets to cover essential health benefits.

And, like most other functions in the civil life of America, the health insurance landscape is always evolving.

There are a few key changes to health insurance in 2022 and one of those changes involves a practice often known as “surprise medical bills.” These are charges that medical plans issue when covering out-of-network claims. Patients can be hit with “balance billing” charges in excess of what their plan will pay.

According to KFF.org,

“Beginning January 1, all insurance plans, including marketplace plans, must cover emergency services (other than ground ambulance) at the in-network rate, and out-of-network emergency room facilities and doctors will not be allowed to bill patients more than the in-network cost-sharing amount under their plan.”

In addition, another change for 2022 is the increased number of qualified health plans that will be available to most states, a choice of nearly 83 health plans compared to an average of 46 plans in 2021.

Between the bewildering number of plans to choose from as well as the variety of providers vying for new enrollees, choosing the right plan and provider can be difficult. 


A Look at One of the “Big Three” in Health Insurance: UnitedHealthcare

A-Look-at-One-of-the-Big-Three-in-Health-Insurance-UnitedHealthcareRanked as one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States, UnitedHealthcare has both a positive reputation and an extensive reach throughout the U.S.

A summary from financial research and analysis company ValuePenguin notes that,

“UnitedHealthcare, part of UnitedHealth Group, is the largest health insurance company by total members. UnitedHealthcare offers a variety of products from individual health insurance to full employer benefit plans for some of the biggest corporations. Furthermore, its policies can be purchased in all 50 states. UnitedHealthcare is headquartered in Minnetonka, Minn.

Along with having the most members, UnitedHealthcare also has a network of over 1.3 million physicians and health care professionals, with more than 6,500 hospitals. This means that if you have UnitedHealthcare, you will have many options to choose from to receive care.”

In addition to having the largest number of members, UnitedHealthcare also holds title to the largest market share among the largest health insurance companies at 12 percent. Interestingly, however, the company is the largest provider in only five states whereas Blue Cross/Blue Shield companies hold the top spot in about 15 states.

With over a million UnitedHealthcare providers and one of the most comprehensive networks, one of UnitedHealthcare’s biggest strengths is its sheer size.

In addition, United Healthcare customer services include tech benefits. In fact, Investopedia recently ranked UnitedHealthcare as “Best for the Tech Savvy.”

The same article also related that,

“United Healthcare’s 2019 Annual Survey found that 37% of consumers shop for health care on a computer or with mobile apps.6 The company is pushing “consumer-driven digital health care,” which includes wearable technology for glucose management, smart baby monitors for high-risk infants, and activity trackers that allow fitness participants to win monetary awards.”


What Types of Insurance Coverage UnitedHealthcare Offers

What-Types-of-Insurance-Coverage-UnitedHealthcare-OffersAs one of the top insurance providers in the nation, it is not surprising that UnitedHealthcare offers a wide variety of health-related insurance services in addition to several health insurance plans that offer coverage from birth to adulthood.

Consumers can also find products for Medicare as well as Medicaid for plans that are low cost or no-cost or what are known as Dual Special Needs Plans (D-SNP). In addition, for those who are in a transition in life, having access to insurance may present special challenges. UnitedHealthcare offers short-term insurance, special temporary health plans that are designed to fit almost any lifestyle or budget.

For employers and small business owners, the company also has a variety of small business group health insurance plans that offer affordable coverage for employers to help support employee health.

And, for common types of coverage to add on to health insurance plans, the provider also offers dental, vision and supplemental plans


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